Weight Weight
6.9 oz. (sq. yd.)
Weave Weave
Comfort Twill
Yarn Yarn
70% Spun
30% Filament
Color Color
Gold and Black
Heat Protection Heat Protection
Thermal Decomposition
Temp. 1175+
Strength Strength
70lb as received Taber abrasion: >500 cycles


Engineered to offer an effective blend of solid, flame-resistant protection and ease of movement, Kombat Flex uses proven technology and a comfortable twill weave at 6.9 oz., making it a light yet tough outer-shell choice.


  1. Best thermal stability available offers firefighter insurance for worst-case situation.
  2. PBI-blended outer shells have been trusted in the fire service for over 30 years for their resistance to rips, tears, and abrasion.
  3. The comfort-twill weave adds flexibility and has lighter weight than competing outer shells.
  4. Reduced stiffness and increased ease of movement enhance the garment’s ergonomic design.
  5. Superior TPP and flame protection at a lower weight.