Weight Weight
7.25 oz. (sq. yd.)
Weave Weave
Modified Plain
Yarn Yarn
10% Filament, 90% Spun
Color Color
Gold, Black
Strength Strength
110 lb. as received
Heat Protection Heat Protection
Temp. 1175+


PBI Matrix® combines the high-performing heat and flame protection of PBI Gold with a durable matrix of high-strength 600-denier filaments to reduce wear and tear.

Why Choose PBI MATRIX?

  1. PBI Matrix is reinforced with 600-denier cables of DuPont™ Kevlar®, which provide the ultimate ripstop power.
  2. Best thermal stability available offers firefighter insurance for worst-case scenario.
  3. Superior trap tears for better durability.
  4. Superior TPP and flame protection.

PBI Matrix Denier Graph