Weight Weight
7.0 oz. (sq. yd.)
6.0 oz. (sq. yd.)
Weave Weave
Comfort Twill
Yarn Yarn
70% Spun
30% Filament
Color Color
Gold and Black
Heat Protection Heat Protection
Temp. 1175+
Strength Strength
235lbs as received
70lbs after
180 hrs. UV


PBI Max is the strongest outer shell in the industry. Its patented design offers the ultimate combination of high break-open and thermal protection, strength, comfort, and flexibility!


  1. Best tear strength performance at 235 lbs; - over twice as strong as any other outer shell.
  2. The optimal mix of PBI® and Kevlar® provides superior thermal and flame resistance. Combined with high strength, this offers firefighters the greatest insurance in a worst-case scenario.
  3. The 7oz comfort-twill weave offers a high level of flexibility and comfort, in a lightweight fabric.
  4. Reduced stiffness and increased ease of movement – enhances garments’ ergonomic designs.
  5. 40-42 TPP* offers superior thermal protection at lower weight.

Outer Shell Material Strength Graph