PBI Peak 5

Weave Weave
Comfort Twill
Yarn Yarn
22% Spun
18% Filament
Weight Weight
5.6 oz.
Color Color
Gold and Black
Heat Protection Heat Protection
Temp. 1175+
Strength Strength
85 lb. as received


PBI® Peak 5 begins a new phase in the evolution of outer shell fabrics. Weighing in at 5.6 ounces per square yard (190 gsm), PBI® Peak 5 delivers the highest percentage of PBI® fiber currently available in the market. By including the unmatched thermal protection of PBI® combined with the time-tested strength of Kevlar® – it’s an outer shell that delivers a one-two punch of maximum performance.

Engineered with patent-pending ENFORCE™ Technology, PBI® Peak 5 offers firefighters a balanced fabric that is strong throughout the gear but is still lighter in weight to provide a better range of motion as well as reducing the risks of heat stress.



  1. GROUNDBREAKING DURABILITY - ENFORCE™ Technology harnesses increased levels of fabric strength and abrasion resistance
  2. UNCOMPROMISED PROTECTION - PBI® Peak 5 boasts the highest blend percentage of PBI® on the market, giving unmatched thermal stability
  3. LIGHTWEIGHT PERFORMANCE - The thermal protection of PBI® paired with the strength of Kevlar® in an ultra-light 5.6-ounce package
  4. FEELS GREAT OUT OF THE BAG - A softer touch that’s more comfortable yet unmatched in durability and range-of-motion