PBI TriGuard Wildland Fabric

Weight Weight
5.3 oz. (sq. yd.)
Weave Weave
Blend Blend
20% PBI, 30% Lenzing FR®, 50% Para-Aramid
Application Application
Tech Rescue, Wildland, Industrial
Color Color
Natural, Yellow, Black
Certification Certification
NFPA 1977, NFPA 1951, NFPA 2112


PBI TriGuard sets the standard for lightweight flame-resistant protective fabrics. This specialty fabric is the right choice to meet the demands of almost any technical rescue, wildland and industrial applications.


  1. Fabric will not burn, melt, drip, shrink, crack or embrittle during or after thermal exposure, and it provides superior resistance to tearing and break-open.
  2. Designed to be lightweight, soft, and flexible for ease of movement in non-structural applications.
  3. Engineered in a ripstop weave with a high content of para-aramid for reduced rips and tears and greater value for the life of the garment.

PBI TriGuard Layered Fabrics