Why PBI?

Because you can count on it, when it matters most.

PBI provides exceptional firefighter materials which offer heat and flame protection, comfort and flexibility in a lightweight portfolio of premium high-performance fabrics. The performance characteristics of turnout gear are determined by the choice of combined fabric components. Each layer serves specific functions and, as a composite, is expected to provide you with superior heat and flame protection while maximizing mobility and flexibility.




High Flame Resistance

This dynamic flame-test video demonstrates the time it takes for an outer-shell fabric to break down. As you can see, the Nomex/Kevlar blend breaks down at about five seconds, while the PBI-blended fabric lasts for a full 29 seconds.

Temperature Graph

Unmatched break-open protection

The decomposition temperature at which PBI starts to degrade is 1300°F, far exceeding Nomex/Kevlar blends, thus offering superior break-open and thermal protection.

100% Made in USA

Be aware of the difference between 100% MADE IN USA and MADE IN USA with foreign components. Every strand of PBI fiber is made in our manufacturing plant in Rock Hill, SC, unlike PBO fabrics that, while advertised as MADE IN USA, contain PBO fibers that are made by Toyobo in Osaka, Japan.

PBI Trusted Graph

Trusted by 40% of departments

More firefighters in North America are protected by PBI fabrics than any other fabrics*.

Firefighter Material Thermal Conductivity

Low heat conductivity

PBI has very low thermal conductivity. As a comparison, PBO fabrics such as MilleniaTM XT and AgilityTM are six times more conductive than stainless steel.

PBI Is Over 30 Years Old

Proven in the field for 30 years

PBI-blended outer shells have been trusted in the fire service for over 30 years. Recognized as the leading high-performance outer shells, they are the preferred choice of large active departments across the Americas and around the world.


PBI Performance Products, Inc. has never used Perfluorooctanoic acid, also known as PFOA or “C8”, in the manufacture of Polybenzimidazole (PBI). PFOA is not contained in any form of PBI, including textile fibers.

*Approximate calculation