PBI Protection for Istanbul Fire Department

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Istanbul Fire Department has chosen PBI X55 outer fabric in its new firefighting suits as the first line of defence for its firefighters.


The new gear will provide high performance protection for firefighters in the most extreme operational situations. They will be able to work with the trust and confidence in PBI’s exceptional performance that serves firefighter all around the world, including the New York Fire Department and London Fire and Rescue Service.


PBI fiber is inherently flame and heat resistant and combines durability with comfort, which is why it has been protecting NASA astronauts for many years, as well as Formula 1 drivers,  military and industrial teams who work in extreme environments.


The new PBI firefighting suits have been designed to meet the specific needs of Istanbul’s firefighters. The use of a PBI X55 outer fabric instead of a Meta-Aramid fabric increases protection from higher temperatures.  The layering of fabrics in the new garments means that they exceed the requirements of the EN469 standard for thermal protection and breathability by 50%. The PBI X55 outer fabric is 20 times more tear resistant and has 5 time the tensile strength of EN469.


Visibility during operations on the fireground is essential and can save lives. The new lighter coloured PBI outer fabric significantly increases the visibility of firefighters and the introduction of segmented reflective tape increases breathability freedom of movement as well.


The new suit was designed with comfort and ergonomics as a high priority.  The design allows much greater freedom of movement for the wearer and includes additional padding so that breathing apparatus does not cause unnecessary discomfort or increase the risk of compression burns. The torch adapter has been developed specifically for the product used by Istanbul Fire Department and the radio pocket can be adjusted to fit any model.


The garment incorporates lightweight knee and elbow reinforcement that maintain comfort while adding extra protection and new braces for the trousers allow quick and easy height adjustment with loops for a belt if required.


The choice of PBI protection means that, like all PBI fabrics,  the X55 fabic will not become brittle, shrink or break open when exposed to flame and high temperatures. This protects the integrity of the internal layers of the garment and the transfer of any radiant heat is slower, allowing more time for firefighters to escape to safety in a situation such as a flashover.  In independent tests where fabrics are exposed to 1000-degree heat, PBI retains its original strength and is still soft and pliable to touch.


Firefighters in Istanbul will now go to work every day with the peace of mind that their fire gear offers the best combination of protection, durability and comfort to do their job.